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PLCO is a large NCI trial (n=155,000) that, since 1993 evaluated screening for early detection of prostate, lung, colon, and ovarian cancer. In 2021-2022, summary GWAS data (no individual data!) was made available in the public domain with an Application Programming Interface (API). This creates the opportinity to facilitate data retrieval from a variety of programming languages and analytical environments by developing the corresponding Software Development Kits (SDK).

This is not the data portal

You could develop a data portal using PLCOjs and other libraries mediating access to one or more data sources of interrest. Instead, PLCOjs is a JavaScript SDK developed to provide programatic interoperability with PLCO's public APIs. This developemnt effort was pursued by modularizing PLCO's Data portal graphic plotting and data retrieval components. The rationale is that PLCO data analytics might be integrated with a variety of GWAS data processing applications. This integration is overviewed in the tutorial[YouTube], the suggested starting point to uderstand PLCOjs.


Let's find out how Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and, most defining, Reusable, are the data objects generated by PLCOjs:

  • If I place my data in a versioned host as in ...
  • ... would I be able to also recover the interactive plot with a URL shortner, such as
  • Give it a try!

    Note the plco.js library is also loaded in this page. You can experiment with different plots from the devTools by copy/pasting the example code snippets to the console. The one below was created with:

    plco.plot.qq2('plot', [{phenotype_id:3080, sex:'female', ancestry:'east_asian'}, {phenotype_id:3080, sex:'female', ancestry:'european'}, {phenotype_id: 3550, sex:'all', ancestry:'east_asian'}])